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Infant and Child Studies

We study how children learn about objects, language, and how memory develops

Babies can't tell us what they understand so we measure how long they look and listen.

Measuring listening time in a study of word learning.

A 4-month-old learning about a new object.

A 5-month-old in a study of visual depth perception.

Testing object-learning by measuring looking time.

Pre-schoolers can tell us what they understand so we measure their learning by having them point.

A 4-year-old and her dad participating in a study of word learning with graduate student Katie Esterline.

3-year-old Myles learning new verbs with Dr. Michelle Sandoval.

A 5-year-old in a study of learning and memory with graduate student Ji-Soo Kim.

A 3-year-old learning new words with Dr. Kate Simon.

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