Infant and Child Studies

We study how children learn about objects, language, and how memory develops

Measuring listening time in a study of word learning.

Babies can't tell us what they understand so we measure how long they look and listen.

A 4-month-old learning about a new object.

Testing object-learning by measuring looking time.

A 5-month-old in a study of visual depth perception.

Pre-schoolers can tell us what they understand so we measure their learning by having them point.

A 4-year-old and her dad participating in a study of word learning with graduate student Katie Esterline.

3-year-old Myles learning new verbs with Dr. Michelle Sandoval.

A 5-year-old in a study of learning and memory with graduate student Ji-Soo Kim.

A 3-year-old learning new words with Dr. Kate Simon.