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A Typical Visit
to the Lab!

When you arrive at the Psychology building, park in our free parking space with the "Tigger Child Cognition Lab" sign. Press the button on the buzzer box and a researcher will bring the parking pass and escort you to our playroom. 

Next, a researcher will explain the study procedures to you and you will fill out some paperwork. We have plenty of children's toys to play with! Once you complete the paperwork you and your child will begin the study. One of our lab members will play with your child's siblings in the playroom of the lab.

You and your child will go to one of our testing rooms where your child will either see or hear new information. You will be with your child the entire time. 

After completing the study, you and your child will return to the playroom where we will explain the study. Your child will choose a book or toy to take home as a thank you! We will answer any of your remaining questions about the study.

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