Directions to the Lab

To access our parking lot via Cherry Ave:

Follow the yellow arrows. Take Speedway Blvd. to Cherry Ave. Head south on Cherry Ave. until you reach University Blvd (3rd stop sign). 

To access our parking lot via University Blvd:

Follow the green arrows. Take Campbell Ave to University Blvd. Head west on University Blvd and continue straight after the stop sign at Cherry Ave. 

The Child Cognition Lab is located in the Psychology building on The University of Arizona campus, just west of the intersection of Cherry Ave. and University Blvd.

Our address is:

1503 E. University Blvd

Tucson, AZ 85721

Intersection of Cherry Ave & University Blvd:

Follow the white arrows. Head west on University Blvd., just before the "Fire Lane" sign, turn north/right into our parking lot. 

Park in the parking space with the sign "Tigger Child Cognition Lab"


Press the button on the white box and a researcher will come down and give you our parking permit. Then, you and your child will be escorted to our playroom!

Click here to view video of how to access our parking space via University Blvd.